Why should I care about Demand Response

Demand response (DR): Demand response activities are defined as “actions voluntarily taken by a consumer to adjust the amount or timing of his or her energy consumption”. Demand response is an energy reduction designed to reduce or avoid system emergencies.

What does this mean to you… As you can imagine, commercial power use is typically at its peak during business hours in the summer months.  In order to reduce overall power consumption during these times, many have considered the economics of demand response strategies. When combing intelligent lighting controls systems with LED lights you are able to significantly reduce energy consumption.

Hence, demand response will…

  • Yield significant cost savings to you as prices for energy continue to rise.
  • Take Daylight Harvesting into consideration. Studies show that exposure to daylight improves the health and well being of employees.
  •  Provide an intelligent lighting controls system which allows you to instantly reduce lighting energy consumption during peak demand by selecting a pre-defined demand response profile.  In addition, this can be connected directly with utility demand response programs, automating the process for ‘emergency’ demand response events.
  • When combined with LED lighting, using lighting controls to reduce light output not only yields significant cost savings, it also extends the life-cycle of the LED light.  Because an LED life-cycle is based on run time at full output, using lighting controls to reduce the light output below 100% only increases the usable life of the LED.

We care about Demand Response to help save our resources.