Lighting Applications 

Do you want your warehouse to look dark and boring or do you want to brighten your space and be able to find your products quicker and more safely?  Do you want to save up to 80% on energy costs? Do you want to save on labor costs?

The useful service life of LEDs is 20 times or more than legacy commercial lights and can also increase your cooling system runtime and lifespan.  Many have considered LED only to default back to Florescence due to the perceived high initial cost expense.  We at Anacapa Lighting Company offer those same LED solutions at a much more affordable price.  The relationships we have with our manufacturers, allows us to sell directly to the consumer and save you money.

Smart Lights are accessible via web and mobile applications to provide easy management of light settings, reporting, and are expandable to do facility monitoring and space optimization (IIOT) industrial interest of things.  These newer technology LED lights that are more durable with less chance of damage due to shock, vibration or extreme temperatures.

In addition, we offer a full turnkey solution with our team of installers who are prepared to handle each project from concept to certificate of completion.